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Our Address
1st Floor, #AP6/536F
Parassinikadavu Road,
Thavalappara, Kannur
KERALA - 673563


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+91 497 2756488
+91 9961281118

we are dealing high quality international & national brand products to secure your premises.

Networking Products

Switches, Routers, Firewalls, VPN Routers, Broadband Modems & Routers, Cable Modems, VDSL Switches & Modems, ISDN Routers & Terminal Adapters, Antennas & Antenna Cables, Remote Routers & Network Security Devices, Gateways, PoEs, KVM Switches, Media Converters, Transceivers, Print Servers, Workstation and Server NICs, Wireless Access Points, Wireless Routers, Other Wireless Devices etc,

Digital Surveillance

All type of Cameras and DVRs, including latest Linux Based IPDVR.

Security Products

Time and Attendance, Door Access Control, Guard Management, Lift Management, Canteen Management, Mobile Jammer.