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Our Address
1st Floor, #AP6/536F
Parassinikadavu Road,
Thavalappara, Kannur
KERALA - 673563


  Customer Care
+91 497 2756488
+91 9961281118

We SECUTRONICS, an Information Technology Solutions Provider, has been offering Computers, Networking, CCTV Serveillance, Security, Structured Cabling & other technology related services to business & home.
We SECUTRONICS, an Information Technology Solutions Provide...
Securty Solutions
SECUTRONICS provides services to deliver a complete sense of secu...
Laptop/Desktop Service
SECUTRONICS expert team servicing all kinds of laptops,desktops UPS....
CCTV Serveillance
SECUTRONICS can help you deploy fully integrated IP Surveilla...
We are dealing world class high quality products like HIKVISION, ESSL...
Printer Service
SECUTRONICS's Printer servicing section refilling all types of toner...
We are Dealing International Brand Switches & Routers, Broadband Modem,
Work Station & Server, Wireless Access Point & all type of Camera and DVRs