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Welcome to SECUTRONICS Surveillance world.

SECUTRONICS can help you deploy fully integrated IP Surveillance, Biometrics, Physical and Logical entry barriers.

Offices / Commercial

We can provide customised solutions and services to help keep your growing business secure. Installing a CCTV System is one of the most effective ways of deterring theft, damage and controlling asset management at your business, By utilising your existing computer network infrastructure CCTV cameras can be added for low start-up and operating costs.


CCTV cameras in Industy can help speed up your production by monitoring key manufacturing processes Cameras may also be a useful tool in monitoring Health & Safety at varous stages of production. Network cameras provide the ideal solution for this type of application, cameras are simply connected to the nearest Ethernet socket for direct viewing anywere on your computer network.

Campuses / Schools

CCTV systems can provide an effective solution for educational environments. Keeping intruders off campus and remotely monitoring secluded areas can cut down significantly on crime and provide peace of mind to administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents.

To create a safer environment for learning, schools need to offer cutting-edge security measures. We can provide a very cost effective solution for your CCTV surveillance requirements using both hardwired and network CCTV cameras. Network CCTV systems have many advantages over conventional Hardwired systems, the cameras are connected to your existing computer network cabling (LAN). Thus saving the need for dedicated cabling for each camera position.